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Global Coordination of Ground and Space Astrophysics Working Group

IAU Executive Committee Working Group : global coordination of ground and space

August 8, 9, 10 2022

Session I: Large facilities in the 2020's and beyond (ground and space)

What is the landscape of facilities coming online in the next decade, and status of longer term planning? What are the key challenges for the Agencies around coordination? How are different agencies working towards the goal of Open Data?

Monday 8/8 15:15-16:45 (90 minutes)

Moderator: Debra Elmegreen

Coordination of Large Space Missions (30 minutes)
Rachel Osten

Coordination of Large Ground-based facilities (30 minutes)
Matthew Colless

Coordination across ground and space (20 minutes)
Ewine van Dishoeck

Session II: Global coordination for the next decade of science

What kinds of coordination are needed to achieve our science goals in these areas? What are the specific challenges? Are there types of coordination that would benefit multiple areas?

Monday 8/8 17:30-19:00 (90 minutes)


discussion of topics from session I (17:30-17:50)
Moderator: Debra Elmegreen

Global coordination for the next decade of science (17:50-19:00)
Moderator: Roger Davies
all talks 7+3

Exoplanets -- Laura Kreidberg

Stellar Populations-- Scott Trager

Black Holes -- John Silverman

Galaxies/ISM -- Lisa Kewley

Cosmology -- Ofer Lahav

Session III: Global Coordination for Multi-messenger astronomy

What is the landscape for multi-messenger facilities in the coming decade? What unique challenges are posed by the needs of multi-messenger astronomy?  

Tuesday 8/9 15:15-16:45 (90 minutes)

Moderator: Richard Green

Report from Kavli-IAU meeting in Capetown – Brad Cenko (15 minutes)

facilities presentations (7+3 minutes each):

Ground based Gravitational Wave facilities – Patrick Brady

LISA – Kelly Holley-Bockelmann

Neutrino – Shigeru Yoshida

Gamma ray/cosmic ray: Michael Backes

panel discussion (35 minutes)

panelists: Yossi Shvartzvald, Tara Murphy, Zeljko Ivezic, Samaya Nissanke, Victoria Kaspi, Solomon Tessema

Session IV: Archives & Access: Future role of current telescopes and archives

Wednesday 8/10 10:30-12:00 (90 minutes)

Future Role of Current Telescopes (45 minutes)

How do you see the use of your facilities evolving over the next decade as more capable systems come into operation? Do you see them focusing on particular specialisations e.g. wide field surveys or transient follow-up? To what extent will you provide direct support for programmes on the new facilities compared to pursuing a complementary programme? How will you support Open Data?  

Moderator: Ajit Kembhavi

panel discussion

  • • ING (Marc Balcells)
  • • GMRT (Yashwant Gupta)
  • • NRAO (Alberto Bolatto)
  • • Subaru (Michitoshi Yoshida)
  • • NOIRLab portfolio (Jen Lotz)
  • • SALT/MeerKAT/African Astronomy (Petri Vaisanen)

Future Role of Archives (45 minutes)

What efforts are currently being undertaken to coordinate archiving of data from different facilities, agencies, and wavelengths? How can archive coordination be improved in the future? What challenges are posed by the datasets from the next generation of facilities?  

Moderator: rachel somerville

IVOA perspective -- Bruce Berriman
NASA perspective -- Vendana Desai
NOIRLab perspective -- Adam Bolton
ESO perspective -- Magda Arnaboldi
Q&A and discussion

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