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S368 Machine Learning in Astronomy: Possibilities and Pitfalls

S369 The Dawn of Cosmology & Multi-Messenger Studies with Fast Radio Bursts

S370 Winds of Stars and Exoplanets

S371 Honoring Charlotte Moore Sitterly: Astronomical Spectroscopy in the 21st Century

S372 The Era of Multi-Messenger Solar Physics

S373 Resolving the Rise and Fall of Star Formation in Galaxies

S374 Astronomical Hazards for Life on Earth

FM1 Physics of Relativistic Jets on All Scales

FM2 Towards a World Standard for Dark and Quiet Sky Protection

FM3 Consensus Cosmic Shear in the 2020s

FM4 UV Insights to Massive Stars and Young Stellar Clusters

FM5 Beyond the Goldilocks Zone: the Effect of Stellar Magnetic Activity on Exoplanet Habitability

FM6 Dynamics of the ICM: Radio and X-ray Observations and Theory

FM7 Astrometry for 21st Century Astronomy

FM8 Planetary Astronomy via Telescopic and Microscopic Approaches

FM9 Stellar Synthetic Spectra to Study Stellar Populations in the Gaia Era

FM10 Synergy of Small Telescopes, and Large Surveys for Solar System & Exoplanetary Bodies Research

WG1 Astronomy for Equity and Inclusion

WG2 Global Coordination of Ground and Space Astrophysics

WG3 Junior Members

WG4 Women in Astronomy

WG5 Professional-Amateur Relations in Astronomy

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