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Division Meetings
Division J Galaxies and Cosmology

For the current schedule of Division J talks, please see https://www.kimvytran.org/leader/science

Description: Multi-phase Gas/Medium over Cosmic Time

Scientific Organising Committee (Div J Steering Committee):
Cristina Carmen Popescu (UK)
Denis Burgarella (France)
Gustavo Bruzual (México)
Barbara Catinella (Australia)
Christine Jones (USA)
Johan Knapen (co-chair; Spain)
Nikolaos Kylafis (Greece)
Lucia Marchetti (South Africa)
Céline Peroux (Germany)
Vy Tran (co-chair, Australia)
Laurence Tresse (France)
Aida Wofford (México)

Scientific Rationale:
We have made remarkable progress towards understanding the many roles that gas has in galaxy formation and evolution. Ground and space-based instruments are able to map multi-phase gas with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution across a wide range in redshift. Advances in theoretical modeling and cosmological simulations provide detailed insight into how gas is enriched and recycled through star formation. We will provide an overview of our current understanding of the multi- phase medium and questions to address in the next 3-5 years.


  • Interpreting multi-wavelength ISM/Gas diagnostics across redshift
  • Discoveries with JWST, HST, eROSITA, ALMA, ASKAP/MeerKAT
  • Circum-galactic medium gas flow probes
  • The ISM/CGM interface

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