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Division Meetings
Division A Fundamental Astronomy
  • August 5 & 8, 2022

    SOC: Division A Steering Committee

    This two-day meeting will present reviews on the latest developments in research on Fundamental Astronomy, and realisations from its Commissions and Working Groups. All are welcome.

  • Session 1

    PhD prizes talks
    - J. O'Leary 2019 'General relativistic and Post-Newtonian dynamics for near-Earth objects and solar system bodies'
    - E. Savalle 2020 ’Testing General Relativity with clocks in space and exploring new ways to detect dark matter with cold atoms in space and in the laboratory’

  • Session 2

    Mini-symposium Reference Frames & Rotations (cf. Symp2011 Seitz) Celestial and planetary reference systems provide the fundamental framework for referencing astronomical and space-geodetic observations. Precise realizations of these systems, the so-called reference frames, are of paramount importance for positioning and navigation on Earth and across the Solar System as well as for the measurement of time. Celestial and planetary reference frames are connected through orientation and spin of the planetary bodies. Thus, precise reference frames fundamentally require precise knowledge of the rotation of the Solar System bodies both in a theoretical and observational point of view. Besides, the knowledge of the rotation of Solar System bodies, as well as their dynamics and ephemerides, is precious for studying their internal structure and geophysical phenomena.

    • Reference systems and Reference frames
    • Next generation Celestial Reference Frame
    • Maintenance and link between Ref Frames
    • Rotation of the Earth and other Solar System bodies
    • Improving Theories and Models of Earth rotation
    • Solar System Ephemerides (planets, planetary satellites, SSBs)
  • Session 3

    Key-points report and preview of:
    FM7 (Astrometry for the 21st Century),
    FM8 (Planetary astronomy via telescopic and microscopic approaches), and
    FM10 (Synergy of small telescopes and large surveys)

  • Session 4

    News from Gaia eDR3 and Gaia DR3 catalogues (that weren’t in DR2)
    News from the Division’s Commission and Working groups ;
    Introduction of Multi wavebands ICRF, Consistent realization of Reference Frames CRTCE, Theories and Models of Earth Rotation, Near Earth Objects,.

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