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COVID-19 Travel Updates

Last updated: June 13, 2022

South Korea will lift a seven-day quarantine requirement for unvaccinated arrivals from June 8

Pre-Departure COVID-19 PCR/RAT NEGATIVE Test

You MUST prepare a COVID-19 NEGATIVE test certificate to board the flights to South Korea.
PCR (within 48hrs of the departure date) or Supervised RAT (within 24hrs of the departure date)


It is no longer mandatory to fill out Q-Code but we strongly advise you to use the system.
By obtaining a QR code at the Q-Code system, you will be able to fasten up your immigration procedure.

Arrival COVID-19 PCR Test

If you plan to attend the GA the next day of your entry to South Korea, you are advised to take the Arrival COVID-19 (PCR) Test at the Incheon Airport Test Center upon arrival. Then, you will receive the test result by the following day.
You can proceed to your hotel in Busan on the day that you arrive at ICN airport (using public transportation such as trains, subways, taxis, etc.).
You are advised to remain at your accommodation until you receive the NEGATIVE test result.

Mandatory wearing of the mask

- Every indoor (including transportation)
- Outdoor public facilities with more than 50 people / difficult to maintain at least 1m distance

When you show symptoms of COVID-19

Do not come to the event venue, BEXCO, and stay isolated in your room.
Wear a KF94 mask at all times and avoid any forms of contact with others.
Conduct a COVID-19 self-test (can be purchased at convenience stores).
If the result of your self-test is POSITIVE, please report it by calling 1339 / 1330 / 1345. Then, you will be advised to go to the public health center to conduct the supervised RAT/PCR test.

When confirmed POSITIVE from the official PCR/RAT test

You will receive further instructions from the public health center where you got tested.
You will be instructed to go through a 7-days quarantine at a designated facility.
Health Treatment Cost in South Korea for foreign visitors:
The subsidy amount (Full / Partial / None) for treatment costs depends on your nationality based on the Principle of Reciprocity.
Health insurance
You are recommended to purchase travel insurance in your country that covers the COVID-19-related costs before coming to Korea.
What is the method of exemption from isolation requirement (manual monitoring)?
Make sure to undergo diagnostic examination during manual monitoring.
1) Receive PCR test within 3 days of entry.
(Korean and long-term stay foreigner) Public health clinic with jurisdiction over residence
(Short-term stay foreigner) COVID-19 screening center at Incheon International Airport or medical institution near place of accommodation (cost to be borne by the corresponding person)
2) Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) recommended on the 6th ~ 7th day after entry.
(RAT method) Self-screening or visit medical institution (if the self-test result is positive, visit a public health center)
However, arrivals over the age of 60 years can undergo PCR test at public health clinic or screening center
Please comply with infection prevention rules during manual monitoring period.
Within three days of entering the country, you are advised to remain at your accommodation until you receive the NEGATIVE test result.
Check your health conditions in the morning and evening every day for 7 days and visit nearest medical institute if there are suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever and coughing, etc.
Please refrain from going out, including personal gathering and visiting high-risk facilities, etc.
When going out, make sure to wear KF94 (or equivalent rated) mask.

Haeundae Bumin Hospital: PCR & RAT tests are available.

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