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If you have any questions regarding IAUGA 2021, first, please find your answers from our FAQs below.
Questions aside from FAQ are also welcomed by official contact address.
1. What is included in the registration fee?  
2. What are the operating hours of registration desks?  
3. I have not received a confirmation email after completing registration.  
4. What is the cancelation/refund policy?  
5. What do I do if I paid the wrong registration fees? 
6. Where can I purchase an accompanying person badge? 
7. Where can I get a certificate of attendance? 
8. I have registered for the IAUGA 2021 but unexpectedly cannot attend. Can I send someone else in my place? 
9. I am a member of the press. Where do I register? 
Abstract FAQ
1. When can I submit my abstract for presentation at the IAUGA 2021 
2. Do I need to register in order to submit an abstract? 
3. When will I receive confirmation email about successful submission of my abstract? 
4. When can I find out my presentation schedules? 
5. How do I make corrections to my abstract? 
6. Can I withdraw my abstract after the submission deadline? 
7. How many abstracts can I submit? 
8. Can I revise my abstract after the submission deadline? 
Presenter FAQ
1. How do I submit my presentation? How do I make changes to my presentation once it is submitted? 
2. I can no longer speak, what do I do? 
3. Can a co-author present in my place? 
4. I am a speaker at the GA. Will you provide a laptop? 
5. Can I change my oral presentation to poster presentation? 
6. Does IAUGA2021 secretariat offer a printing service for poster presentation? 
Sponsorship/Exhibition FAQ
1. I want to be a sponsor/exhibitor.  
2. I want to order furniture and equipment for my booth.  
3. How do I get the list of attendees for IAUGA 2021? 
4. How many badges can I get?  
5. What are the operating hours of the Exhibition?  
6. I want to withdraw my organization’s involvement for sponsorship and exhibition of the IAUGA 2021.  
7. Does IAUGA2021 offer freight and storage services?  
Social Events
1. Are social events free for registrants to attend?  
2. How do I register for Young Astronomers’ Lunch and Women in Astronomy Lunch?  
3. How do I buy a Gala Dinner ticket?  
4. What are the differences between tour programs?  
5. I have special dietary needs. How do I make a claim? 
6. Who is eligible to become a mentor or mentee?  
1. How do I apply for IAU Grant? 
2. How do I apply for KAS Grant?  
3. I did not get the grant.Can I still participate at the IAUGA 2021?  
4. How can I collect the Grant?  
5. I have been accepted as a Grantee, but I cannot come to Busan.What should I do? 
Accommodations& Travel
1. How do I make a reservation for a room in Busan?  
2. Will transportation be provided between hotels and the venue or airports?  
3. I will be arriving to Incheon International Airport. How do I get to Busan?  
General FAQ
1. When and where is the IAUGA 2021? 
2. How many participants do you expect at the IAUGA 2021 in Busan? 
3. How do I request a letter of invitation for a visa? 
4. Where can I pick up a copy of the program book? 
5. Do you have a mobile app? 
6. Do you offer childcare services?  
7. Where is the lost and found? 
8. Is there a luggage and coat check? If so, where is this located? 
9. Where is first aid? 
10. Does BEXCO offer disabilities and special needs assistance for attendees and visitors? If so, who should I contact? 
11. I lost my badge. What do I do? 
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